Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2016

Local Internships

We welcome all local New Orleans university and high school students to work with us this summer. 


Near Farm 2016

A combination of intensive urban agriculture and "laptop parties." Near farm interns will work with students directly on our site in the Lower 9th Ward, engaging in various daily and long term tasks to build our farming productivity in the city, work with service learning groups from across the country, and engage in a long-term projects that include, but are not limited to: 

(1) Building an innovate grant platform -- research, writing, imagination, and coordination 

(2) Building profit projections for Farm Farm -- working with the OSBG team to navigate and plan for revenue streams from our food production 

(3) Research -- long term research on topics ranging from food security projects to blighted property statistics to food system information

Room and board can be provided


Far Farm 2016

We’ve been doing this work for seven years. The question has always been, “how do you make food accessible to people in a culturally appropriate and economically viable way?” We’ve put a bid on an 80 acre property in southern Mississippi, where we will begin our first phase of scaling up our farming productivity. We can grow 2,000 pounds on 1 acre in the Lower 9th Ward... with 80 we can grow enough to feed the majority of our neighborhood. That’s food security. Far Farm interns will engage in intensive methods of large scale farming, prepping land, designing irrigation systems, and constructing techniques that meet the needs of a southern climate. We will use our far farm as a site for growing food, an educational oasis outside the city for our students, and a training site for farmers to innovate the best practices to meet the needs of our communities in New Orleans

This internship is farming intensive -- room, board, and food is provided -- but prior farming experience and knowledge is required. 


"The Goat Project"

In collaboration with the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, interns will design, implement, and strategize how to effectively utilize our 21 goats to decrease the number of blighted properties in the Lower 9th Ward. Goats eat the majority of grasses, weeds, and other plants that overwhelm abandoned lots in our neighborhood, and interns will inquire, reflect, and execute a project that aligns their consumption with the beautification and community development narrative of our vision. In the subject line of the email please put “Goat Project."


How To Apply For All Internship Positions

Please email Alex Goldman at with "Internship" in the subject line and the specified position you are applying for. Include:

(1) A short essay (2-3 pages) that details your interest, the duration and specified program of your proposed internship, describes who you are, where you come from, relevant skills and life experiences, and how these have lead you to want to be an intern at OSBG. Also please include which aspect(s) of our work you are most interested in and a brief description of what you would like to accomplish personally as an intern in food system development, transformative education, and/or community development and how you would use this experience to contribute to continuing this work.

(2) At least two references with names, phone number, email and their relationship to you.

(3) Your resume. Work Description: Interns assist Our School at Blair Grocery in all aspects of youth development, community food systems development, urban agriculture, and small farmer outreach.

Interns work 6-days per week, averaging 60 hours of work per week. It is intensive job training experience and requires at least an 8-week commitment. Farming is hard work, especially in the city. All interns must have a positive attitude, an ability to receive constructive criticism, and a strong work ethic. Interns will receive supervision, intensive hands-on training, and skill sets acquisition with the opportunity to conduct and implement independent projects. The following are other skills needed for a positive internship:

• An emphasis on hands-on physical labor and practice is very important. • Ability to work independently and as a member of team with flexibility in work assignments as needed; and • Ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences, staff and management. Once the application has been reviewed we will contact you directly.


Please Note

We have had over 200 interns since our inception. People of any background or farming-skill level are welcome to take part in our service learning program. That said, we recommend that interns have some experience in farm work or on-ground community organizing. This is far from an office environment, if you're not use to getting your hands dirty than OSBG will not be the best fit. 

If living at OSBG is not for you, you can still help build a sustainable community in the Lower Ninth Ward. We encourage you to join our grassroots network and make a financial contribution towards our efforts of sustainability and community empowerment.